Friends of Silva Bay

Our mission is to cooperatively promote clean waters, healthy habitat and sustainable activities in and around Silva Bay and its watershed.

Water Birds in Silva Bay and the Flat-top Islands

Birds in Silva Bay and Flat-top Islands 44 species 17 waterbirds, winter or summer residents.


BC Coastal Waterbird Survey FoSB data collection project

When: The BCCWS occur on the second Sunday of each month. We focus on the winter months from September to April but we hope to continue with the surveys all year. Our group meets on the second Sunday of each month at 11am in front of the Silva Bay Inn.

Where: We record and count all the birds in Silva Bay. The BC Coastal Waterbird survey records all the waterbirds and several other species. All this data is entered into the BCCWS database maintained by Bird Studies Canada.

Why: Seabirds are important indicators are of the marine environment. By tracking changes in populations, distribution and timing seabirds aid us in tracking larger changes in coastal ecosystems. The FoSB have chosen to join the established BCCWS as we wish to contribute to the larger body of ecological knowledge by monitoring our local species.

To view the monthly and annual trends in our surveys to date visit the BC Coastal waterbirds survey result site

Waterbirds in Silva Bay and Flat-top Islands

  • 1. Common goldeneye
  • 2. Dbl crested cormorant
  • 3. Glaucous winged gull
  • 4. Mew gull
  • 5. Surf scoter
  • 6. Pigeon guillemot
  • 7. Great blue heron
  • 8. Barrow’s goldeneye
  • 9. Bufflehead
  • 10. Black turnstone
  • 11. Common loon winter
  • 12. Black oystercatcher
  • 13. Hooded merganser
  • 14. Common merganser
  • 15. Harlequin duck
  • 16. Belted kingfisher
  • 17. Eared grebe
  • 18. Canada goose

Map of BCCWS in Silva Bay FoSB data collection project

  • Future Count Dates for 2009

    • May 10th
    • June 14th
    • July 12th
    • August 9th
    • September 13th
    • October 11th
    • November 8th
    • December 13th
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Friends of Silva Bay
Silva Bay, Gabriola Island,
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