Friends of Silva Bay

Our mission is to cooperatively promote clean waters, healthy habitat and sustainable activities in and around Silva Bay and its watershed.

Bird Species in Silva Bay and the Flat-top Islands

Birds in Silva Bay and Flat-top Islands 44 species total; 17 waterbirds and remaining 27 terrestial birds, including the bald eagles and the robins and finches.

May Birds of the Month are the black oystercatchers now nesting in the Flat-tops.


FoSB Data Collection ProjectsBirds in Silva Bay and the Flat-tops

  • BC Coastal Waterbird Survey

    We record and count all the birds in Silva Bay. All the waterbirds and several other species are entered into the BC Coastal Waterbird survey database maintained by Bird Studies Canada.

  • Bird of the Month

    Please send us your photos, videos, accounts, etc. of the bird from just the given month. Then, at the close of month we will create from the contributions a "bird of the month" page for that species.

    • April - Bald Eagle
    • May - Black Oystercatcher
    • June - Purple Martin
    • July - Violet-green swallow
    • August - Double crested cormorant
    • September - Great Blue Heron
    • October - Bufflehead
    • November - Surf Scoter
    • December - Canada Goose
  • Songbirds

    We count all the songbirds observed in the area. To date we are tracking this data but have no database in which to maintain this data.

April Birds of the Month are the bald eagles nesting at Law Point.

Bald eagles are nesting this time of year and you can view a few nests on line where footage is streaming from cameras near the nest.

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